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Recommended Vendor: SubscriberMail

We've found the email solutions of SubscriberMail easy-to-use, easy-to-learn and their personal attention to our needs was outstanding. That's why we chose them to deliver our email newsletters to our customers and prospects.

We've been impressed with this company since I met the founder Jordan Ayan at the recent WOMBAT show in Orlando.  He impressed me with his dedication to his service, his passion for this resource, his integrity, his commitment to his staff AND his family also. All the time I'm talking with him I'm thinking You know a company's gotta be very similar to its founder, especially if they're this passionate about the products and services.

We started talking further. And we found the demos of their service were simple, effective, crisp and prompt. The service was easy to learn. And their staff was so helpful in coaching us through those first steps in understanding how to create a standard HTML newsletter.

The ease of the service AND the personal attention were the selling points for our staff. Regardless of what I thought, it was important that it fit their definition of an easy to use service and it did.

And more than that, we found SubscriberMail  offers some excellent reporting tools. This helps us understand the interest of you, our customers, in the content of this newsletter blog on a global scale without a lot of unnecessary interruptions for long-winded surveys. (kinda like my writing style, the long-winded part. )

We hope you like this new format. Please let us know your thoughts.  And give SubscriberMail  a shout, or email(!). They'll take care of you.

(Full disclosure: Our 2 companies offered a trade-in-services.  We both found solutions from the other we needed. That having been said, we wouldn't use, much less endorse a service if it wasn't as we describe it today.)

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