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Is your laptop overheating

I use a laptop all-day long. More and more people use laptops vs the standard desktops. And one of the challenges of laptops is how to avoid overheating. Those big boxes used with Desktop units are all about allowing sufficient air flow around the hard-drive/CPU to maintain safe temperatures. Laptops, being encased in a laptop sized container faces a huge challenge then in maintaining adequate temps.

Now that it's summer this issue of heat and laptops is more important. So here's a few quick tips on keeping your laptops cool.

* Avoid working for long stretches in direct sunlight. (That precludes taking it to the beach, lake, backyard pool.)

* Don't leave your laptop in a closed car. ( Think of it like an ice cream cone...And a melted hard drive is so-o-o-o much more expensive than a melted ice cream cone even when it melts on leather car seats. )

* Is its fan working? You should be able to hear it. 

* Keep the air vents free of dust and dirt.

For more details here's an excellent article in at the smallbizpipeline blog.

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