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Tips to Create Powerful Teleseminar Series

Recently I spoke at the Books, Branding and Media seminar in Hollywood, California. It was hosted by John Kremer who's nationally recognized as one of the experts in self-publishing and how to promote your books.  He asked me to talk with him and his audience on Grassroots Marketing Success with Teleseminars, Podcasts and Blogs. You can download a PDF here that includes many of the points we covered in that discussion.

Teleseminars are the first step in grassroots marketing. It's really the foundation for your grassroots marketing effort. It's that content you'll record for your MP3 links and your podcast series you'll want to blog about. Blogs make it easy to promote your latest content, whether it's in the form of a stand-alone written post or a written post with links to your MP3 recording of your teleseminar or all of that plus a series of podcasts your most loyal audience members can subscribed to in order to stay up-to-date with all your latest broadcasts, programs, efforts, successes.

And remember that your grassroots marketing including including teleseminars, podcasts and blogs  have the greatest competitive advantage, an advantage no competitor can touch: you, your passion, your vision, your voice, your writing.  Consumers are hungry for authenticity and uniqueness. No one can duplicate you. Your voice with your message, your writing with your message, and now with resources like blogs and podcasts, make for a very compelling brand message.

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