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December's Philanthropy: Free The Slaves

Free the Slaves is one of those organizations that work tirelessly on behalf of those with no voices, no options, no opportunity, usually no education and no chance to gain one, usually existing invisibly in a world we wished didn't exist: the world of human slavery.

According to their website, there are 27 millions human slaves...today. Today. Today as in December 2006. That's more than at any time in history. It's in every country; it's in every state in our country.

Free the Slaves fights to bring humanity, opportunity, justice (if that's not too harsh...), dignity, health care, education, basically the chance to even consider all the opportunities we consider God-given to those who've never known them or lost them.

Honestly, I still have a difficult time wrapping my head  around human slavery today...Here's a brief video that shows the impact of rescuing 25 children from slavery in the fishing villages of Ghana that helped bring the impact of human slavery and the impact of Free the Slaves in righting this wrong.

We're proud they're our customer. We've blogged about them in the past and shared an interview with Jacob Patton. This month we'll donate to them in lieu of sending gift cards or flower bouquets for new customers and referrals. We hope you'll donate, too.

Previous non-profits we've helped in this same way have been:

Opportunity, Inc.

The Hunger Project

We'll announce a new 2007 schedule for these projects next month.

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