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Podcast Tips: 15 Best Practices

Read how MarketingSherpa profiles how one company incorporated podcasting to successfully target the decision-makers in North American manufactures ranging in size from $100 million to billions of dollars.  They list the 15 best practices for podcasting as a marketing tool.

Here's a few highlights.

Step 1: Content Best Practices

* Keep it short. Under 16 minutes. ( Our server files show the majority of audiences have left after 15 minutes.)

* Make it regular.  Keep a regular schedule of broadcasts, even if it's once a month.

* Multiple voices. No one's voice is that captivating, all the time, to all the audiences. Variety is the spice of...[podcasts' content].

Step 2: Technology. The article lists software and services you can use to create and manage your podcasts. You have to decide where your time is best spent. If it's learning these new technologies, then by all means use them. If your time is better spent providing content about your product...we can do all that for you.

Step 3: Promotion. The days are long gone when you could post an announcement about your podcast on a few general podcasting sites and expect much traffic. We agree. Podcasting is a powerful resource to target niche audiences. And the use of blogs, websites, special landing pages, announcements in customer newsletter all enhance its reach to your desired audience. We can help you with creating the best promotion of your podcast.

The article is an excellent read. It's about 2-3 pages. And it's free to read until December 24. After that's it part of MarketingSherpa's paid content.

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