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Create the Ideal Setting to Host Your Ideal Conference Call

Cindy Whitney and Theresa Chatelle, our Customer Service Mavens, talk about the ideal environment for your conference call. You listen  to the MP3 recording here.

*Quiet Location.

1. Your Office Door is Closed;

2. Your Phone is set on Do-Not-Disturb;

3. Notify Those Around You. Let your regular contacts, working in proximity or remotely, know you're on a conference call. The purpose is to minimize the chance for disruptions, distractions, for you during your conference call.

* Use the Best Equipment.

We recommend:  Landline phone connection.

We don't recommend: table top conference call phones, wireless headsets, cellphones, VOIP-service.

Theresa mentions an important point: many of our customers use these devices with no problems for many months; then the law of averages catches up with them with the resulting problem on your conference call . Theresa encourages you to use the best equipment, the equipment with the highest quality, to give you the greatest insurance for the highest-quality conference call.

* Be Informed. Know the functions and features possible with your conference call service and how to implement them.

* Be Prepared. Know your presentation. Practice it beforehand. And have any and all materials at hand that are necessary.

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