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6 Free Features to Help Insure Your Conference Call is Confidential

The best security comes from the integrity of the guest who attend your conference call. However, at times you may be unpleasantly surprised or caused to have doubts about your attendees, or the topic is so important you want to quell your worries.

Here are some simple features you can use with your existing audio conference call service to bring the highest degree of security and confidentiality to your conference call. The first group of features are standard with our current audio conference call services and offered at no additional cost for our customers.


Entertain your guests when they join the conference call with music until you, as the host, arrive to begin the call. This is a simple feature that effectively insures your agenda is discussed in your presence and on your timeframe.  You can initiate this feature with a quick call to Customer Service: 877-227-0611, ext. 3.

Change Your Access Codes Regularly.

Access codes too often end up in the wrong person's hands: a former employee, a competitor, the wrong employee, the press. The frequency this happens rises as the need for confidentiality also rises with your conference call.

How it happens is varied: an overheard conversation, a note on someone's desk, an email displayed on a monitor, conscious intent.

Just call Customer Service: 877-227-0611, ext. 3. Ask them to change your conference codes. They can do that in a few minutes.  Don't bother worrying. Just change them.

Lock Your Conference Call.

Once everyone has arrived on your conference call...lock it. As host, just press *7 from your telephone keypad. That locks your conference call. No one else can join. (It's a great way to insure prompt arrival, too.)

Count Your Callers.

Press *8 if you're the host and used your host code to join your conference call. You'll hear the number of callers, including you, that are present on the conference call. So will everyone else, also.

That leaves the question: Who's on your conference call. We can answer that for you with the following feature.

Name Announcement on Entry.

Require your attendees to announce their name before they join your conference call. This feature inserts a prompt, immediately after they enter their guest code and before they join the conference call, directing the caller to say their name. Then their voice saying their name will be heard either by you, the host (private playback), or  by the entire group ( public playback ). 

This feature requires you to first contact Customer Service: 877-227-0611, ext. 3

Force-Quit the Conference Call.

Not every caller leaves at the end of a conference call. Some have been know to linger, by themselves or in groups, to carry on the conversation or start another. And it's done at your expense. Make sure your callers leave at the end of the call. Call customer service for the proper instructions to use with your service to make sure all callers present leave at the end of your call.

Here's the ultimate, high-touch, personalized approach to security. It includes all of the above and a personal operator to further insure security for your conference call. And it does cost a bit more.

Operator-Assisted Conference Calls.

We can arrange for one of our conference operators to manage your conference call following your guidelines. You can work with them to create a personalized greeting, as well insure they allow only the names from your list to join your conference call. They can even cross-match that list of names with that caller's caller-id to further help insure the identity given by the caller is correct.

Call Customer Service for rates and features: 877-227-0611, ext. 3

Again, security for a conference call begins with the integrity of your callers. These features can help minimize the impact from its lack. Call or email Customer Service for more details or to discuss further how you can help insure a confidential conference call:

877-227-0611, ext. 3,

[email protected]

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All business activities are strongly conditioned by culture so when the participants in a conference call are from different countries you will need to adapt the basic process. For example, in some cultures you have to be very careful when people of different levels are on the call because junior people will not speak when their boss is listening.

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