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5 Golden Rules for Podcasting

Heidi Miller at her Talk It Up blog shares her Five Golden Rules of Podcasting. I'm going to list  them here with a snippet on each point from her post. But she offers some great content with each of the Five Golden Rules of Podcasting, so be sure to click the article link here for that content.

1. Have something to say.

If you can't shut up about something, that would be the thing you should podcast about.

2. Don't "fill" time.

If your podcast is usually 20 minutes but you only have seven minutes of material this week, do a fabulous seven-minute podcast.

3. Speak in a real human voice.

Be real, be enthusiastic, be sarcastic, be annoyed, be honest. We'll like you for who you are. If we don't, you probably didn't want us to listen to you, anyway.

4. Audio is as audio does.

If your listeners complain about audio quality, you might want to look into a better mic or figure out how to do some basic noise reduction.

5. Make it social.

So start by listening to other podcasts in your field. Go listen to podcasts not in your field. Call in to the comment lines of your favorite podcasts. Respond on the podcast blogs or forums.

I'd add one thought to her Point 4. Audio is as audio does. The old rule of garbage in, garbage out applies here. If you have a poor connection, using a VOIP service with low bandwidth or slow processing speeds, a cellphone in rush hour traffic with your windows down (true story for one of our customers and their guest)...you'll create a poor quality listening experience for your customers. We suggest a landline connection. For the best at-home recording experience we suggest sitting in your car inyour garage with the windows rolled up. That's from Dave Evans at HearThis. 

Granted, we have a vested interest in this suggestion with our podcast service offering. But we also suggest this based on consistent results over the past 3 years offering the service.

Heidi speaks truth with these points. The power of podcasting is the power of you, your voice, your message, your passion, your business, your company, your employees, your joy...because believe it or not, there are lots of people who share the same joys and there are lots of people who'd love to know they're not alone or who could benefit from learning from your experience. Hey, some of them could be customers or partners!

Thanks, Heidi.

Be sure to check out our podcast service when you're ready to begin.

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