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A Day With Seth Godin: Customer Feedback

We recently offered to send 5 customers to spend A Day With Seth Godin sponsored through our friends at Gazelles. We ended up sponsoring 10.

Listed below are links to interviews we conducted with several willing customers after their Day. And we've excerpted a few quotes. The plan right now is to check back later this summer to see what if any impact A Day with Seth Godin had on their marketing plans.

Frank Urro, Founder, Vanquish Labs.

A dynamic interactive session, intriguing you to rethink and re-spark a consumer's interest.

...he helps marketers overcome the very same problems that we also address - Consumer Commercial Overload.

Whether you're a novice or a marketing veteran you'll come away with exciting new ideas to find and motivate consumers.

NOTE: Vanquish Labs provides a long-term elimination of the added costs from email and spam.

Mark Silver, CEO of Heart of Business.

It was an eye-opening day....I found myself learning at every turn. I would recommend it-he's a very sharp, likable person, and there is a tremendous amount to learn from him.

Heart of Business enables small business owners and entrepreneurs to keep strong the connection between a full hear and a thriving business.

Seth's the author of A Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable and Free Prize Inside: The Next Big Marketing Idea.

Seth opens his doors to...well, anyone interested in learning the whys and hows of creating remarkable products as the foundation for your company's success. And he does it regularly.

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