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Conference Tip: Change Your Codes Regularly

When was the last time you changed the host/guest, moderator/participant, codes you use with your service? It's probably been awhile.

Now ask yourself this question: Since you received the codes you use now on your conference calls, how many employees have left your company? How many of them knew these codes?

Or, ask yourself, how many outside contractors or vendors or partners have come and gone since you received your conference codes and who knew those same codes?

I worked at a company once where the company's network manager would routinely sit silently on management's conference bridge...all day long. The codes never changed over years. He was privy to a lot of confidential information. He started to tell me and I just told him "Please, I really DON'T want to know who's getting laid-off."

The inconvenience of notifying your audience of a change in their calling routine with the new conference codes is minimal compared to confidential information being shared with an unauthorized but still interested audience.


1) Change your codes at least once every 6 months.

Complimentary Offer: We'll waive the normal fee for the next 2 times you change your codes. That's 2 complimentary changes per host/guest, or moderator/participant, code pair you use.

2) Use a separate, single, scheduled-call.

For those one-time calls where you need to conference once with a subset of your regular audience use our single, scheduled-conference calls. It allows privacy, security and ease of scheduling online. We can enable you to schedule these calls online, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at your convenience. Just call Customer Service at 877-227-0611, ext. 3. Or email Cindy Whitney and her crew at customerservice@conferencecallsunlimited.com. Tell them you want to schedule a single call.

Better safe than sorry as all of our parents have told us.

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