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Customer Instruction Card

Many of you who use our flat-rate monthly unlimited calling plans have received our plastic, wallet-sized instruction cards in the recent months.  Many more will receive them this month. We expect  to have them in the hands of all of our customers who use the flat-rate monthly unlimited monthly services by the end of February. 

Once we deliver the initial card with the HOST instructions, including all the added features for call-management, then we'll follow-up with a reminder to each customer that GUEST versions are available for their GUEST participants.  We'll be happy to print enough wallet-sized cards with instructions for joining your conference so that each GUEST participant receives one. (Hint: you don't have to wait until then.)

They're personalized with your company name and the calling instructions, along with the reduced instruction set for GUEST callers.

( Thinking out loud here...I can't see why we can't customize these cards to display your logo more prominently. I'll check into that possibility and post a draft of a version of your GUEST's calling instructions with your logo featured more prominently. Or I'll tell you why we couldn't. )

Here's the current version of the HOST wallet-sized instruction card.





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