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A Better-Conference-Call Tip #3: Be Prompt

BE PROMPT. Start on time; End on time.

I love a meeting that starts right on time. Whether it's to review last week's meeting or jump right into the focus of this meeting, I love a meeting that starts on time.

Conference calls are nothing but meetings...over the phone. 

Start on time.

Nothing gets everyone's attention like a conference call that starts on time. Everyone will appreciate how focused ( and productive) they become with a call that starts promptly.

Things happen, sure. But, your audience will take your conference call as seriously as you do.

Starting on time shows you think this call is important AND so is their time. It also shows you respect their time and yours.

End on time.

If you promised a one-hour call, then end it after one-hour.

If the conversation remains productive after an hour, offer your audience the option to leave ( "I promised we'd end the call now, but if people want to remain...") or to remain and continue. This provides an easy, comfortable moment for people to excuse themselves for their next meeting if they need to leave.

These 2 steps let your audience leave with a smile on their face. And that makes them look forward to your next call knowing you'll:

BE PROMPT. Start on time; End on time.

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