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Customers in the News: August 4

We want to test a concept with you. It's our impression that within our customer community are hundreds, if not thousands of stories to share. These are your stories, really; they're your stories of success and achievement and progress. They might be your stories of obstacles overcome or resources developed; resources that could help another member of our customer community. And your story would serve as inspiration, or timesaver, for others facing the same.

We share more than we realize. As a community of companies and non-profits and individuals we share the same dreams and hopes of success. We face many, if not all, of the same challenges and headaches and obstacles. We, together, offer all the resources an organization or an individual may need for success.

What we don't share, right at this moment, is knowledge with each other: what can we offer, what solutions can we provide, what inspiring stories can we share. But we hope to change that with this concept.

We want to share with our customers, here in this newsletter blog, your stories of success. Each week, we can share a few brief profiles of our customers' progress and link to more complete articles. You can participate by offering your own stories of your organization.  I know there's many within our customer community that would benefit. 

Here we go. Our first edition of Customers in the News: August 4 Edition

* NORESCO delivers comprehensive energy management and efficiency solutions.

Energy Efficiency Saves USPS $110 Million

Under the Shared Energy Savings effort, the USPS awarded 10 energy conservation contracts totaling an estimated $1.3 billion to six companies that will receive a percentage of the dollar savings attributable to the projects in return for assuming all implementation costs.

Noresco, LLC is one of the suppliers participating in this program.

* The SCOOTER Store.

The SCOOTER Store Exhibits Commitment to Industry Standards; Two Execs Earn Highest Accreditation

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas, Aug. 1 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The SCOOTER Store, the nation's leading provider of power mobility equipment to seniors and people with mobility impairments, is continuing its commitment to establishing industry standards by participating in the compliance program administered by the Healthcare Compliance Certification Board (HCCB), the highest accrediting body for healthcare compliance professionals.

To date, two SCOOTER Store executives, Tim Zipp, senior vice president for corporate compliance, and Tom Hood, vice president of Medicare, DMAC /PSC Relations and Policy, have successfully completed the Certified in Healthcare Compliance Examination.

* Lifestyle Family Fitness

LIfestyle Family Fitness pumps up management team

Lifestyle Family Fitness has appointed Tim Merrick as senior vice president and chief financial officer.

Lifestyle Family Fitness was founded in Lakeland in 1982 and currently owns and operates 28 locations in Florida market and nine in Ohio, with approximately 180,000 members. Investment partners include Quantum Capital Partners Inc., Ballast Point Ventures and The Burton Partnership.

More on Lifestyle Family Fitness

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of success stories to share. Share them with us.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to not publish,  or share, any story that we in our sole and and aribtrary judgement deem not useful to our customer community. We'd prefer articles, press releases, profiles, etc that have been published within the past 30 days or have yet to be published. As always, it's a work in procress. We'll make it right with your input.

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