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Customers in the News: August 25

Using RSS feeds from Google News search results and NewsGator's RSS reader we can share the news of our customers' many successes. Thanks to Mike Sansone at ConverStations for opening my eyes to the potential of these resources to build a closer understanding of what our customers do and how we can share those resources and their successes with our growing community of customers.

VIPdesk. CRMToday magazine profiled VIPdeskConnect as being the right Call for Holiday Retailers. To prepare for the holiday season, VIPdesk increased its technological capabilities to meet retailer needs for the 2006 peak holiday season. Specifically, the company added capacity to handle 300% more call volume than last year. VIPdesk has also streamlined its screening and certification processes. They put their Customer Service Representatives (Service Ambassadors TM) through a rigorous security screening, skills assessment and certification process to ensure the highest level of customer service. These processes enhance the security levels of client information and data.

Merkle Database marketing company Merkle has signed a multimillion-dollar contract to provide marketing services to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Financial Services Technology Corporation. ...announced a "major project" to develop agreed-upon technologies and methodologies for mutual authentication. This new effort is, in essence, a spinoff project of the FSTC's recently completed Better Mutual Authentication project, which sought to define the industry requirements in online authentication. Said Dan Schutzer. executive director of the FSTC, "With this project, we intend to leverage and influence existing technology and social initiatives coming out of the computer and communications vendor community to address our needs in financial institutions' Web site and e-mail authentication.

Next week we'll bring you more news of some of our customers' recent successes.

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