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The Hunger Project: This Month's Philanthropy Project

We announced this summer that beginning in August we would donate to non-profit organizations among our customer base. The donation would be based on the number of referrals we received during a calendar month and the number of existing prospects who became customers during the month. 

For the month of August we generated a donation of $1500 to Opportunity, Inc.  We shared their story here and here.

This month we'll generate donations for The Hunger Project. We interviewed The Hunger Project's COO and VP, John Coonrod, in January 2005. According to John:

The Hunger Project is a global, strategic organization committed to the sustainable end of hunger.  It's been in existence for 27 years.

And here are examples of 3 projects where The Hunger Project was successful in creating a sustainable means to end hunger.

* 50,000 village volunteers in Bangladesh trained to carry out thousands of successful projects in health, education, nutrition and family income.

* 25,000 elected women leaders in India and Bangladesh trained as "key change agents for the end of hunger".  During recent floods - and in the wake of the Tsunami - they have proven their effectiveness in coordinating relief efforts.

* 2.6 Million people in Africa mobilized to create, with their own hands, 63 epicenters - community facilities for health, education, farm training, food processing and storage and micro-finance.  Dramatic improvements were seen in incomes, nutrition, reduction in infant and maternal mortality and reductoin in the spread of HIV/AIDS. During a recent Malawi, not a single person in our epicenter regions died of hunger.


John's been busy since then January 2005. You can read about their exciting projects at their website, The Hunger Project.

And you can help:

1) Invest directly with The Hunger Project
2) Blog about them; tell others about their inspiring work.
3) Send us your referrals. Each one received during this month generates a $50.00 donation to The Hunger Project.
4) If you're not yet a customer, sign up today; that will generate a $50.00 donation to The Hunger Project.

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I just find your website and your generous donation to Hunger Project.

Maybe you could be interested to know that there is a new non-profit NGO called DonationPixel, whith the goal to collect money only via Internet. They have different humanitarian projects around the world.

This website offers the visibility of the donor - this could be interesting for many companies - the choice of the project and the country, and also the visibility of work in the field. They also give answers to different questions, like "Where goes my money?" or "what do they do with it?".

It seems to be an interesting new approach to encourage donations for vulnerablesin poor countries. The URL is


Maybe a new way to attract more donation.

Thanks for your attention.


Posted by: Robert | Nov 15, 2006 11:05:32 AM