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Customer Winners

Each month we randomly choose 2 customers to receive an extra-special, tangible, sign of our appreciation. For no other reason, than just because. This month, the gifts and the winners are:

$50 Amazon Gift Certificate


TCG Development Services, LLC


TCG Development Services, LLC is a full-service real estate planning and development firm with specialized expertise in mixed-finance HOPE VI program planning and execution. We are active in several cities across the nation, replacing distressed neighborhoods with attractive, affordable communities of choice. Our clients include public housing authorities, cities and counties, State Housing Finance Agencies, tenant associations, HUD, and private firms.






VIPdesk is the innovative provider of high touch virtual contact center and loyalty solutions for companies committed to the retention and growth of their high-value customers. VIPdesk specializes in delivering Concierge Programs, Virtual Contact Center Services, and Reward Redemption Services for national brand leaders in the travel, auto, financial services, and retail industries.

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Conference Calling Tip: Invite an Expert Speaker

Is your group's enthusiasm lagging?

Is your enthusiasm lagging?

Do you want to broaden your group's knowledge, understanding or skills?

Do you want to inspire them A. to attend and B. to invite others?

Don't strain to fake enthusiasm; Everyone will see through that.

Don't treat your audience like children with taking attendance. That's a last resort.

Instead invite a guest speaker who brings enthusiasm, passion, shares a new expertise, broadens their perspective or just entertains them. Your audience will absolutely appreciate your efforts here to bring value to their time on the conference call. They'll reward you with prompt attendance, their full attention and positive Word-of-Mouth for you and your efforts at engaging them in the discussion.

Here's a short profile of one customer who invited a guest speaker.

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Best Practices Blog

We created a best-practices blog to archive and share our best practices, tips and resources to make your conference  calling even more productive with Conference Calls Unlimited. It's URL is http://zane.typepad.com/bestpractices.

We created a subscription-feed for this blog that we share on the main page of our website. You can subscribe to this blog as with all of our blogs with any of the popular rss readers. Don't know what a rss reader is...just give us a call. 877-227-0611, ext. 12. I can help.

And we can show you how to make use of this resource, rss readers, to stay in touch with what's being said about you or your competition and how to use blogs and podcasts to make sure your message is heard when it needs to be heard: every day.

- Zane

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Podcast Tips: 15 Best Practices

Read how MarketingSherpa profiles how one company incorporated podcasting to successfully target the decision-makers in North American manufactures ranging in size from $100 million to billions of dollars.  They list the 15 best practices for podcasting as a marketing tool.

Here's a few highlights.

Step 1: Content Best Practices

* Keep it short. Under 16 minutes. ( Our server files show the majority of audiences have left after 15 minutes.)

* Make it regular.  Keep a regular schedule of broadcasts, even if it's once a month.

* Multiple voices. No one's voice is that captivating, all the time, to all the audiences. Variety is the spice of...[podcasts' content].

Step 2: Technology. The article lists software and services you can use to create and manage your podcasts. You have to decide where your time is best spent. If it's learning these new technologies, then by all means use them. If your time is better spent providing content about your product...we can do all that for you.

Step 3: Promotion. The days are long gone when you could post an announcement about your podcast on a few general podcasting sites and expect much traffic. We agree. Podcasting is a powerful resource to target niche audiences. And the use of blogs, websites, special landing pages, announcements in customer newsletter all enhance its reach to your desired audience. We can help you with creating the best promotion of your podcast.

The article is an excellent read. It's about 2-3 pages. And it's free to read until December 24. After that's it part of MarketingSherpa's paid content.

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December's Philanthropy: Free The Slaves

Free the Slaves is one of those organizations that work tirelessly on behalf of those with no voices, no options, no opportunity, usually no education and no chance to gain one, usually existing invisibly in a world we wished didn't exist: the world of human slavery.

According to their website, there are 27 millions human slaves...today. Today. Today as in December 2006. That's more than at any time in history. It's in every country; it's in every state in our country.

Free the Slaves fights to bring humanity, opportunity, justice (if that's not too harsh...), dignity, health care, education, basically the chance to even consider all the opportunities we consider God-given to those who've never known them or lost them.

Honestly, I still have a difficult time wrapping my head  around human slavery today...Here's a brief video that shows the impact of rescuing 25 children from slavery in the fishing villages of Ghana that helped bring the impact of human slavery and the impact of Free the Slaves in righting this wrong.

We're proud they're our customer. We've blogged about them in the past and shared an interview with Jacob Patton. This month we'll donate to them in lieu of sending gift cards or flower bouquets for new customers and referrals. We hope you'll donate, too.

Previous non-profits we've helped in this same way have been:

Opportunity, Inc.

The Hunger Project

We'll announce a new 2007 schedule for these projects next month.

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Holiday Hours

To celebrate the holidays our Sales and Customer Service Offices will be closed on December 25, 26, 29 and January 1. Standard support from operators and technical support personnel for each service will remain available during those times.

Thank you for your support during the year. Thank you for letting us provide your conference calling needs.  We hope your holidays are joyous, fun and relaxing.

Here's to a great 2007!

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