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Why podcast?

You only want to create a podcast if you want to:

1) Reach the widest audience possible with a single audio recording.

2) Reward your most avid and loyal members (customers or prospects or clients or fans) with your content in a resource that's most convenient for them.

3) Share your message in your voice with your passion when it's most convenient for you.

There are no other reasons to use podcasts.

And the only reasons to use our podcast service are:

1) Your time can be spent creating your message, not learning esoteric html/xml code writing skills.

2) We can insure the highest quality recording with our conference call bridges AND our internal technicians.

3) We can insure your podcasts are successfully included in the registry of free podcasts at iTunes.

4) We can save you the headaches of hosting your podcasts.

If you want to keep your message under wraps, if you have no passionate customers or employees or fans, if you want to make sure your recordings are heard by the smallest audience possible, then don't use podcasts.

If your time is better spent learning how to create XML feeds, and fussing with audio quality issues during the conversion from WAV to MP3, and if you have time to constantly monitor iTunes' changing criteria for inclusion in their free listings....then don't use our podcast service.

On the other hand...we're happy to help you maximize your time, the reach of your message and the impact of your message with our podcast resource. Just call us: 877-227-0611, ext. 3.

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