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2nd Story from Kids Hope United

Kids Hope United is one of the organizations we're sponsoring this year as part of our Corporate Philanthropy - 2007 program.

We posted our first inspiring story of success from Kids Hope United  last week. Here's the 2nd story:

Family Preservation Program

In 2003, Leah was arrested for possession of methamphetamine. Faced with losing her 4- and 5-year -old daughters, Leah entered the Family Preservation Program.

After her first attempt at treatment, Leah’s caseworker found her once again in possession of drugs and helped Leah enroll in intensive rehab and recovery programs. Leah’s caseworker continued to offer support during her treatment, helping her get to counseling, court appointments and doctor visits.

With help from the Family Preservation Program, Leah has maintained sobriety for nearly two years.

She moved in with her parents, attended business school and, in October 2006, received a degree in business administration.

Her daughters are enrolled in Head Start and thriving.

Overcoming methamphetamine has not been easy, but Leah continues striving for a successful career, looking for love and caring for her girls. In every way, Leah is winning the battle over addiction.

Iowa, as many midwestern states are, is a battleground over the scourge of meth addiction. It's a daily news story about families devastated by this highly-addictive and very inexpensive drug. The only solution is drug rehab and counseling programs, not longer sentences. If longer sentences were the cure we'd have no problem with meth addiction. Kids Hope United  is one organization providing the needed rehab programs and personal care that's been shown to be the only solution.

There are 2 ways to help expand the reach of Kids Hope United. You can donate. You can volunteer ( No act of kindness is too small. - Mother Teresa)

With your help and our help, there can be many more such stories.

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