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3rd Story from Kids Hope United

This is the 3rd story in our 3-part series of profiles of success from the efforts of Kids Hope United, a private, nonprofit human service organization dedicated to protecting children and strengthening families. It currently serves 15,000 children nationwide. With our help, and hopefully yours, it can serve 15,001 or 15,002 or 16,000...maybe.


Here is the story of Nicole:

Child Development/Counseling/Parent Group

Nicole, a single mom, had her hands full with her 3-year-old son, James. He had been diagnosed with ADHD and had severe behavior issues.

Nicole enrolled James in the Busy Bee Children’s Center, but pulled him out after a few months because she was struggling with the tuition. She tried less-expensive programs in the area, but found that they would not put up with James’ aggressive behavior.

Nicole and James quickly returned to Busy Bee.

Nicole did not qualify for subsidized tuition, but Kids Hope United was able to provide a variety of intervention services at no cost. Counselors began working with James, and Nicole joined the Parent Group, a weekly support group.

During the last year, James’ behavior has drastically improved. He is now enrolled in Busy Bee’s Pre-Kindergarten program and will begin pubic school in the fall.

It's a simple story needing only 142 words. What's not said is the true power of the story. The time and struggle and passion and persistence by Nicole to find a future for her son. Only a parent. And walking side-by-side with her are some of the intervention services and counselors provided by Kids Hope United. For free. All possible from the donations and volunteers working with Kids Hope United.

There are many such stories happening through the efforts of the Kids Hope United organization.

There are 2 ways to help expand the reach of Kids Hope United. You can donate. You can volunteer ( No act of kindness is too small. - Mother Teresa)

With your help and our help, there can be many more such stories. And maybe one or two (hundred?) more Nicole and James stories can be shared next year.

Kids Hope United. is one customer non-profit organization we support through our Corporate Philanthropy - 2007 program.

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