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Stories from Kids Hope United

Last month we announced our Corporate Philanthropy Program - 2007. We listed 6 organizations to receive funds this year from among our many deserving customers who serve as non-profit organizations helping others.

Kids Hope United kindly shared several of their success stories. We'll share a few of them over the next few weeks. The first inspiring story of their successful efforts was:

Foster Care and Adoption

Nine-year-old Julie was desperate for a family to love. After being sexually abused by a biological parent, Julie struggled with overwhelming emotions and moved to and from six different foster homes, unable to settle in.

But her life changed when she met Norelia and Brian Hill. The biological parents of three, the Hills welcomed Julie into their home as a foster child, but soon made the decision to adopt.

Slowly, Julie broke out of her shell and let the Hills care for her needs. Today, Julie is the MVP of her little league team and enjoys being a big sister to her siblings. The Hills continue to foster, recently welcoming Sara into their home.

Although they know that some cases end in adoption, the Hills are strong advocates of foster care, saying:

“Not every story ends in adoption. We need good foster homes –– safe havens –– that take care of these kids until they can go home.”

There are many such stories happening through the efforts of the Kids Hope United organization.

There are 2 ways to help expand the reach of Kids Hope United. You can donate. You can volunteer ( No act of kindness is too small. - Mother Teresa)

With your help and our help, there can be many more such stories.

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