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6 things needed to create a podcast.

Below is a list and description of the 6 items ( and who provides them, you or Conference Calls Unlimited) needed to create a podcast with our podcast service.  Only 3 of them require your time.

* Content in a Digital Recording Format. (You)

You provide the content; we'll provide the podcast. That's your USP, unique selling proposition: YOU. You and your content. And only you can provide it. In this case, it's in the form of a recording. You can create a recording in any number of ways: using our conferencing lines or using a hand-held digital recorder. But it's your content you're providing. And only you can provide it.

Any digital format used to create an audio recording will suffice. This stage is usually fulfilled with .wav format.

* MP3 File. (We)

As part of our process in creating a podcast we create a MP3 file of your original recording. You can provide that link to your audience to allow them to listen to your recording in a streaming mode or download for later listening pleasure.

* Template.  (You)

We use the information you provide on this form to deliver a summary in text form for those who subscribe to your podcast by RSS feed. It also is required to include your podcast within Itunes' directory. Including our customers' podcasts within Itunes' directory is part of our standard service.

* Syndicated Feed. (We)

There is no podcast without a syndicated feed. Syndicated feeds push your recording to those in your audience who subscribe to your feed. What's that mean in English? It means your most loyal audience members are rewarded with your content (your recording) delivered to them, when and where it's most convenient for them.

* Blog or Website  (You)

These aren't required to create a podcast. But then without them it's difficult to publicize, promote, alert, notify your audience of your podcasts' existence. LIke the veritable tree falling in the forest, if no one's there to subscribe to the podcast, or listen to the Mp3, it goes unheard. And without publicizing it...it goes unheard.

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