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June Customer Winner: Pearson Education

Pearson Education is our customer winner for June of an iPod Shuffle.

According to their website, Pearson Education is the global leader in educational publishing, providing scientifically research-based print and digital programs to help students learn at their own pace, in their own way.  They offer the most comprehensive range of educational programs, in all subjects, for every age and level of student, from pre Kindergarten through high school through higher education and on into professional life.

Enjoy. Thanks for being our customer.

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Customer Winners

iPod Winners

Iowa Association of Business & Industry

The Iowa Association of Business & Industry was established in 1903 to be the voice of Iowa business. Their goal is to foster a favorable business, economic, governmental and social climate within the State of Iowa so that our citizens have the opportunity to enjoy the highest possible quality of life.

The Phelon Group, Inc.

The Phelon Group is the first consultancy that has established itself as a major force in defining and implementing Customer Leverage – a distinct methodology that helps leading enterprise technology companies build and sustain powerful reference programs. They help their clients evolve their reference program activities from tactical programs with limited impact to strategic customer relationships that represent a major corporate asset in the drive for growth.

Amazon Gift Certificate Winners

Messick & Weber P.C.

Messick & Weber P.C. provides services to credit unions and credit union service organizations (“CUSOs”) nationwide. Their attorneys provide services to hundreds of credit unions and CUSOs. They serve as General Counsel to the National Association of Credit Union Service Organizations (“NACUSO”) They are also the liaison for NACUSO to the regulatory agencies with jurisdiction over the services provided by CUSOs and credit unions, including the National Credit Union Administration (“NCUA”) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).


Independent Medical Co-op

Independent Medical Co-op is the premier Co-Op for medical supply distributors who are a driving force in the physician, hospital, nursing home, home health, EMS, industrial and other related markets. Their goal is to continue to be the most productive Co-Op in the industry providing exceptional value for member distributors and manufacturers of medical products and the medical community.

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Community News: All Things Italian and The Roches

Our corporate headquarters is located in Fairfield, Iowa. This past weekend Fairfield was host to 2 wonderful events that add charm and interest for residents and visitors alike.

* ALL THINGS ITALIAN The first event was the All Things Italian edition of First Friday's Artwalk. This was hosted, sponsored, supported, created by SOFIA, the Society of Fairfield Italian Americans led by the irrepresible Dick DeAngelis. Looking at the list of events and artists and bakers and cooks and musicians and galleries and merchants...you'd think the whole town of 10,000 had parents from Italy.

This year's event was twice as large as last year's. Thousands from around the area in Iowa attended as nearly everyone in Fairfield. The weather was perfect. The food delicious. The art inspiring. the music charming and the company...the entire community...was wonderful. It just shows you what you can do with an inspired community and an inspired, charismatic leader.

You can find pictures from the event here.

* The Roches. The 2nd event was an evening with The Roches. The Roches are a trio of sisters who've played together and recorded together for...30 years? Is it that long? You'd never know it from the power of their performance, the beauty of their harmonies and the ease they share with each other on the stage and with the crowd.

Or...that last part, the ease they share with each other, only comes with time. So, you may recognize their longevity from that ease and spontaneity they share on stage.

And they graciously shared their singing, playing, humor, charming and touching lyrics with a crowd of devoted fans Saturday night at our local Cafe Paradiso. This was the first concert we sponsored here in Fairfield together with the owners of Cafe Paradiso. We see it as a corporate responsibility to invest in our community with events like this. We expect to sponsor a few more such events this summer with Cafe Paradiso.  Here's a photo from the concert:


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Links from Fairfield Art Walk

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