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Customer in the News: SubscriberMails Joins Inc 5000

We've happily, very happily, used the services of SubscriberMail, an award-winning provider of email marketing services and technology. They've done wonderful work with us delivering our email newsletter and special offers to you over the past few years. They're attention to our needs as a customer has been, well, inspiring. Regularly I hear testimonials from our staff about their staff.

So it was a delight to hear that they're getting more and more recognition and reward for their award-winning service and customer-evangelist creating attention to our needs.

  SubscriberMail was ranked number 596 on Inc magazine's INC 5000, a list of the top 5000 fastest growing companies in America. And SubscriberMail is one of the 20 fastest growing companies in Illinois.

And the way they communicated this announcement, their ranking on  INC 5000 was, as you'd expect, in an email note to their customers saying SubscriberMail couldn't have done this without you. During the time we have focused on the email marketing space, we have been blessed with absolutely fantastic customers who have accounted for this growth, and a group of remarkable, dedicated team members....

Their CEO and Founder, Jordan Ayan,  is what an ideal CEO should be: focused, organized, great listener, kind, patient, driven, family-oriented, funny, innovative, creative. I consider him a friend.  We're his customer. We're delighted for them.

Congrats, you guys! And we hope to see you there in '08, '09 at the latest.

Disclaimer: SubscriberMail uses our conferencing solutions. You should, too.

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Leaders: Where and to Whom Do You Turn for Help

If you're the leader of an organization you've probably asked yourself that question. The old saying It's lonely at the top rings so true for so many organization leaders. Where and to whom do you turn to for advice, for counsel, for perspective, for SOLUTIONS, or just for camarderie?

Fortunately, you're a customer of ours. We've found a solution that will end executive isolation. And it's with one of our customers.

Peersight Online offers a peer advisory board for entrepreneurs, majority owners and C-level executives where you can meet with your peers and share challenges, solutions, ideas, support and accountability with each other and in a confidential, non-competitive setting.

Peersight Online allows you to meet your executive peers from the comfort of your office using our conference calling services, once every 3 weeks and for 2 hours.

I have used Peersight Online for the past 6 months. It's been invaluable. The opportunity to offer solutions to other leaders who face similar challenges, to hear their ideas and feedback on my challenges and to gain from their wisdom and knowledge as we plan for our longterm success has been invaluable.

And as a customer of Conference Calls Unlimited, you can try it risk free for 30 days. Just go to PeerSight Online, fill out the application, enter your account number as a Conference Calls Unlimited customer where you're asked for a referral code.  Andrew or Steve MacGill, founders of PeerSight Online, will interview you to insure it's a good fit, you and PeerSight. They'll work to insure you join a peer advisory board where you can contribute and gain the most.

Where and to whom do you turn as a leader for help? Peersight Online .

PS. Oh, there's no financial benefit for Conference Calls Unlimited. Peersight Online does donate $100 to The Hunger Project when our customers join.  However, we do benefit from helping others, businesses and leaders, be successful. How? We derive great pleasure from being able to help.

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August Philanthropy: Rural Development Initiatives

Rural Development Initiatives is our customer philanthropy project this month.

RDI, Rural Development Initiatives, speaks to our heart for its work. According to its website,

Rural Development Initiatives is dedicated to helping rural communities and the organizations that serve them to thrive by providing a variety of award-winning services which enable them to develop sound plans, strengthen community leadership, and build appropriate skills and structure for implementation that result in increased community vitality.

RDI's services are focused on finding the needed capacity within a community that are needed to drive it revitalization projects forward. They do it by increasing the skills and knowledge of community's citizens, helping enhance collaborative community leadership and applying best tools for the the community's revitalization.

Visioning and Planning, Project Assistance, Organizational Development, Facilitation and Mediation are just some of the areas where RDI can help a rural community bring their vision to fruition.

They also offer a tremendous set of Resources and Links.

Supporting our customers engaged in philanthropy is just our way of Saying "Thank-You" by Helping Others which we started last year. You can read the list of customer projects we support this year in the post Corporate Philanthropy - 2007.

Donate, participate, educate. Get involved. Give a little something back to your community, to those who need a little help.

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