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Lessons Learned from Podcasting

Brian Carroll, CEO of InTouch Incorporated, offers his Lessons Learned from Podcasting. It's a good article published by MarketingProfs. I like that he didn't delve into the esoterics of podcasting's technology. Instead he chose to the role podcast can play in providing customers or prospects or employees with:

... different information, in different ways, at different times during their buying process. The choices they'll make will depend on their role, their exact need, and the timeframe for solving that need.

One of the reasons podcasts are important is that they engage an audience or prospective customer in a way that other offerings may not. And if you have potential customers who are already listening to podcasts, why would you want to leave that offering out of your mix?

Exactly. Why would you?

His first tip to keep in mind is:

  • Know what you want to say and have a point of view.
  • So true. Podcasts are powerful addition to your plans to share your message...IF...you have something unique and interesting to share.

    And his second is:

  • Be ready and willing to learn by trial and error, since podcasting is a relatively nascent medium.
  • And if you're willing to learn this medium then you're half-way home.

    We can't help with the first point.

    We can help with the 2nd point using our podcast service. You provide the passion; we'll provide the podcast. We can take your unique content and quickly turn it into a podcast for you, without your ever having to learn the podcast technology itself. Besides, what's the best use of your time: learning XML coding to create a podcast or providing your unique content for the podcast? We think the latter. If you agree, and you want to start podcasting, give us a call: 877-227-0611, ext. 3.

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