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A Random Act Of Kindness

If you have ever listened to the Customer Service Mavens’ podcasts which are posted on our Website, www.conferencecallsunlimited.com, you would know that we thoroughly enjoy interacting with our many and varied customers. And, you would know that that statement is “for real”.

One of the best things about being in the telecommunications business is that our clientele is extremely varied. We provide service to individuals and to huge corporations and to companies everywhere in between. Each and every company is unique in its business. There is one common denominator, however, and that is longevity.

We recently decided to send “Random Acts of Kindness” gifts to customers each month. This month we are celebrating the loyalty of customers who have been with us since 2001 and the company that was chosen is the Gottesman Company.

The Gottesman Company acts as Independent Business Transaction Intermediaries serving both Buyers and Sellers, specializing in the Mergers & Acquisitions of businesses in the mid-market arena, nationally and internationally. Business Transfers, Selling of Businesses, while acting as Finders - all fall within their province. They also work with Cooperating Intermediaries and

Investment Bankers nationwide as well as in Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Next month the recipient of the “Random Act of Kindness” could be a one person consulting company, a charitable organization or a prayer group.

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