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An Email Provider That Drives Results

We have a solution for your email campaigns. And it comes with a generous savings for those of you who are customers with Conference Calls Unlimited.

The solution is SUBSCRIBERMAIL. They delivered this email to you. We've used them to deliver our newsletters for several years now. Here's why:

EASY-TO-USE TOOLS: They have the all the online tools we need to quickly and easily design newsletters to fit our needs, as well as accurately target our customers with specific messages.

USEFUL REPORTS: Their reports help us gauge which emails are of interest to you and which aren't. The reports are easy to understand and prepared in formats that are easy to use.

OUTSTANDING DELIVERY: Ever wonder if anyone is even getting your emails? Independent auditor reports show that SubscriberMail has one of the highest delivery ratings in the industry.

FANTASTIC SUPPORT: SubscriberMail's staff really sets them apart. We find them to be smart, responsive, creative, and accountable. We love them. You will, too - you'll get personalized one-on-one training and have a dedicated team to support you.

All of this means that your critical messages will be created efficiently, get delivered accurately and in a timely manner, and you'll communicate more effectively to build your brand image and strengthen customer relationships.

That's been our experience. And it's been the experience of many others - SubscriberMail was recently named to Inc. magazine's list of the nation's fastest-growing private companies. Industry Experts have good things to say about SubscriberMail, as well.

Here comes the sweet part.

SUBSCRIBERMAIL has partnered with us to offer an exclusive plan that will maximize your savings. Sign up with SubscriberMail right away and they will waive fees for their standard initial setup. That's a savings of up to $900. You'll save half when you start and the other half after 12 months as a credit to your account.

As a customer with Conference Calls Unlimited, you'll save money if you act now. But more importantly, you'll have what I believe to be the best email solution available - easy to use, award-winning service and personalized training, plus dedicated account support. And all the while you'll see better open rates and response rates as well as an enhanced brand image for your company.

What's not to like? I urge you to act now and save up to $900!

Contact SubscriberMail for a personalized demo of their services, or call 866-622-2600.

Be sure to mention that you're a Conference Calls Unlimited customer to save $900!

You can start learning more about email marketing immediately, thanks to SubscriberMail's extensive library of research and recommendations on email marketing, available at no cost. Two of their most popular reports show you:

- Words to avoid in subject lines
Guidelines for effective email creative 

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