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Support Our Customer Partners

When you're looking for business solutions providers, we have a growing list of partners with special prices for our customers. These business solutions partners include:

* SubscriberMail. They're an award-winning email service provider with the  tools to help you create and send targeted email campaigns that drive results. They also provide phenomenal, inspiring customer service. We use them. They've helped us tremendously with personalized attention to our needs.

Here's the link to our earlier announcement of our partnership with SubscriberMail.

* NewHire. NewHire offers a powerful, affordable, online hiring candidate management software. You'll be able to attract the right talented candidates, get answers to your most important questions - before you interview and keep track of your candidates with their easy-to-use online solution.

We've never used their product. However, we've spoken with many of their customer references including those they sent us and those customers of theirs we contacted on our own. The reviews were all consistently stellar.

Here's the link to our earlier announcement of our partnership with NewHire.

* PeerSight Online. Peersight Online offers a peer-to-peer mentoring service for C-level executives, directors and entrepreneurs. Their plan's really simple: bring 8 ambitious entrepreneurs together regularly. Help them, help each other focus, execute and grow their businesses very fast. BTW, leaders that join a peer board grow their businesses 2x to 3x faster than their peers who don't attend such a board of their peers.

Their approach is time-efficient, cost-efficient. They use online resources, conference calls, coaches and the power of peer members to help each other grow. Disclaimer: They incorporate our conference calling solutions into their service. But that only means greater savings to you with no need to travel. And greater time to meet and learn and help each other grow.

We've used  them with great success.

Here's the link to our earlier announcement of our partnership with PeerSight Online.

* FreshBooks. FreshBooks is an online invoicing and time tracking service that saves you time and makes your professional.

Appearances are everything. But I'd add this: by making it easy to track your time and generate an invoice they help keep your cash flows in the positive. A professional looking invoice only encourages prompt payment. And an invoice that's easy to generate with accurate and current time tracked is one that's sent out regularly.

This is the perfect service for teams, freelancers, small service-providers like PR firms and Architects, IT consultants and Design Studios, Pool Cleaners and PC Techs, Journalists and Lawyers... They're doing something right. 300,000 new users have joined the company since June 2004.  It could be their devotion to their customers.

Here's the link to our earlier announcement of our partnership with FreshBooks.

These are but 4 such partners whose services we've made available for our customers. We have 3 more lined up to announce in the coming months. Please contact me if you'd like to discuss putting your service in front of our customers with special pricing.

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