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8 tips for Conference Calling

Conference calling has become an essential business ingredient. We have a wide range of phone conferencing and web conferencing services to suit all your communication needs. These days, all kinds of institutions use conference call services including different universities and government agencies around the world. Feel free to check out our rates, packages and testimonials from our clients. Below is a quick list of tips for a more efficient and effective conference call.

1) Make sure that you are prepared and ready to speak to a group of people who you can't see and they can't see you.

2) Speak clearly into your phone and try to find a place that is quiet and undisturbed.

3) Be sure to know how to operate your mute button while you speak (and don't speak) on the conference call.

4) It's always good to write an email to all the conference call participants that clearly communicates the dial in numbers, passwords and any other necessary info. If people are located in different timezones be sure to set the time to one location (like PDT for US Pacific Time) and then everyone will know what time that is in their specific location.

5) Always start the call punctually and definitely don't wait for latecomers'. It can be a good technique to do a role call and note who are the people missing from the teleconference.

6) Before the call there should always be a clear list of agenda points so that everyone is on the same page.

7) Another nice technique to break the ice to have everyone introduce themselves to the call.

8) End the call formally with a big thank you to everyone for their time and attention.

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