Leaders: Where and to Whom Do You Turn for Help

If you're the leader of an organization you've probably asked yourself that question. The old saying It's lonely at the top rings so true for so many organization leaders. Where and to whom do you turn to for advice, for counsel, for perspective, for SOLUTIONS, or just for camarderie?

Fortunately, you're a customer of ours. We've found a solution that will end executive isolation. And it's with one of our customers.

Peersight Online offers a peer advisory board for entrepreneurs, majority owners and C-level executives where you can meet with your peers and share challenges, solutions, ideas, support and accountability with each other and in a confidential, non-competitive setting.

Peersight Online allows you to meet your executive peers from the comfort of your office using our conference calling services, once every 3 weeks and for 2 hours.

I have used Peersight Online for the past 6 months. It's been invaluable. The opportunity to offer solutions to other leaders who face similar challenges, to hear their ideas and feedback on my challenges and to gain from their wisdom and knowledge as we plan for our longterm success has been invaluable.

And as a customer of Conference Calls Unlimited, you can try it risk free for 30 days. Just go to PeerSight Online, fill out the application, enter your account number as a Conference Calls Unlimited customer where you're asked for a referral code.  Andrew or Steve MacGill, founders of PeerSight Online, will interview you to insure it's a good fit, you and PeerSight. They'll work to insure you join a peer advisory board where you can contribute and gain the most.

Where and to whom do you turn as a leader for help? Peersight Online .

PS. Oh, there's no financial benefit for Conference Calls Unlimited. Peersight Online does donate $100 to The Hunger Project when our customers join.  However, we do benefit from helping others, businesses and leaders, be successful. How? We derive great pleasure from being able to help.

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Small Business Resource of the Month


This site features over 19,000 training videos covering topics like blogging, podcasting, and web design. In addition, you can find basic office application training as well as more advanced technical training covering things like MySql and PHP. You can watch the videos or purchase DVD and book versions as well.

The videos are created by expert trainers and authors from around the world. At $25 per month for a basic membership, this is a steal!

Link from John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing Blog.

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New Customer Benefit

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with PeerSightOnline. PeersightOnline offers an innovative affordable approach to traditional Peer Advisory Boards for your organization’s leaders.

We’ve used it with great success! And that’s why we brought this resource and the chance to judge for yourself, as our customer, with a complimentary month.

First, what’s a Peer Advisory Board?

A Peer Advisory Board is a group of your peers offering advice and counsel. For business, Peer Advisory Boards usually consist of C-Level executives (Chief Executive, Chief Financial, Chief Operating…Officer) who meet regularly to share with each their solutions and insights gained from their experience. The purpose being to bring renewed focus, improved execution and sustainable growth to their businesses.

Thousands of small business executives in all parts of the world use Peer Advisory Board services. And rightfully so with just these 2 reasons: 1)  90% of their members would recommend it to others. 2) Industry standards indicate that for the past 5+ years businesses that have joined a board have grown at a rate of 2 to 3 times faster than before they joined.  (I don’t know about you. But I’d like to see our business grow 2-3 times faster. )

What’s unique about PeerSightOnline?

PeersightOnline offers a Peer Advisory Board benefit to entrepreneurs, majority owners and C-Level executives in a format that best fits the busy, time-pressed, schedules they may face. Using online resources, audio, and soon web, conference services, PeerSightOnline can provide the same benefits but at far less cost and a more convenient schedule.

Peer insight and review has proven itself as an invaluable tool to build sustainable, profitable and growing businesses and organizations.  The value from regularly scheduled meetings with C-level peers in a variety of industries comes from the wisdom and experience shared in a confidential setting to address challenges and obstacles common in business today.

What’s in it for you as our customer?

Our partnership offers you, our customers, a complimentary month of PeerSightOnline’s innovative and effective approach to Peer Advisory Boards.  This complimentary month will allow you to judge for yourself the effectiveness of PeerSightOnline in creating sustainable growth and profitability for small business.

But the true benefit we hope you experience is an affordable resource to help sustain your growth. Executive isolation is one of the biggest challenges of leading an organization. The setting of PeerSightOnline’s advisory boards provides a confidential setting where peer executives can share challenges and solutions, wisdom and experience, to help each other face similar challenges. The common challenge for all businesses is sustainable growth.

How does it work?

It’s simple. There’s an online application process that’s described below.

There’s a 3-month minimum commitment. This will allow you to judge the benefits over several Board meetings with your peers. Meetings are held by conference call every 3 weeks. There are personal coaching sessions and quarterly (or more) presentations from leading business experts. There are online tools and content for members. Click here for details of PeerSight Online's program.

And all you have to do is participate. Bring your unique knowledge and expertise to share in an open, confidential setting with your peers facing many of the same challenges you face. You learn; they learn. They grow; you grow.

Can anyone join?

Membership benefits are best found with CEO, President or majority Owners of businesses with at least $500,000 annual revenues and 3 employees who can make the commitment to meet by phone every 3 weeks for 2 hours. Members come from companies of this size to those with over $20 million in revenue and dozens of employees. 

Board members bring a full range of business expertise from marketing to operations, finance to IT. The leaders at PeerSightOnline will make sure you join a board that allows you the greatest benefit from participation as a problem-solver and with members whose backgrounds offer diverse knowledge, expertise and solutions.

How to Join:

It’s very easy to join PeersightOnline. And it’s very easy for you, as our customer, to receive the added month of complimentary service with PeerSightOnline.  Here are the easy steps:

1) Review PeerSightOnline: www.PeerSightOnline.com

2) Apply Online: http://peersightonline.com/apply.aspx

NOTE: Part 2 of the Online Application asks for Referral Code. Make sure you enter your 6-digit Account Number with Conference Calls Unlimited. We’ll be notified when you apply with only your account number and company name and contact information.

3) Interview. You’ll be asked to schedule a time for an interview with PeerSightOnline’s executives. The purpose of this is to insure the greatest fit between you and the members of your Peer Advisory Board.

4) Your Story. We’d love to hear your stories of success with PeerSightOnline’s Peer Advisory Boards. With Steve and Andrew MacGill, the founders of PeerSightOnline, we plan to interview you at a later date and with your permission share your story with our customers.

Your success drives ours. We’re confident you’ll experience the same benefits for your company from membership with PeerSightOnline that we’ve experienced. Success isn’t guaranteed. But this resource adds to those resources you use now to drive your organization’s success.    That’s why we wanted to make it available to you.

As an enthusiastic customer of PeerSightOnline, I’d be happy to answer your questions.

Thanks for being our customers.

Zane Safrit


Conference Calls Unlimited

877-227-0611, ext. 12

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Is your laptop overheating

I use a laptop all-day long. More and more people use laptops vs the standard desktops. And one of the challenges of laptops is how to avoid overheating. Those big boxes used with Desktop units are all about allowing sufficient air flow around the hard-drive/CPU to maintain safe temperatures. Laptops, being encased in a laptop sized container faces a huge challenge then in maintaining adequate temps.

Now that it's summer this issue of heat and laptops is more important. So here's a few quick tips on keeping your laptops cool.

* Avoid working for long stretches in direct sunlight. (That precludes taking it to the beach, lake, backyard pool.)

* Don't leave your laptop in a closed car. ( Think of it like an ice cream cone...And a melted hard drive is so-o-o-o much more expensive than a melted ice cream cone even when it melts on leather car seats. )

* Is its fan working? You should be able to hear it. 

* Keep the air vents free of dust and dirt.

For more details here's an excellent article in at the smallbizpipeline blog.

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10 Essential Productivity Tools

John Jantsch, at Duct Tape Marketing, offers another great resource:

10 Essential Small Business Productivity Tools: Online and offline utilities that make running your business easier.

Some we use; Some are new discoveries. We share them with you as another resource to help grow your organization.

Here's a few highlights:

RSS Feed Reader: Bloglines  ( I use Newsgator. But I've used bloglines in the past)

PDF Creation: PDF 995

Project Management: Basecamp from 37signals. We LOVE this product. There's a slight learning curve involved. It's learning a new habit, really. But it's a great way to manage projects with a group and all the associated timelines and to-do's while everyone is kept on the same page.

CRM Tool: ACT2006. One of our sales agents here uses ACT. He loves it.

List Management: AWeber. We use SubscriberMail. We like its easy use AND their personal attention. That's so important as you set up your newsletter and begin to gather data from your online mailing efforts.

File Sending. DropSend. We could likely use this one to upload large files and the service then notifies your recipient they have a file to download.

The entire list includes resources for Keyword Selection, Spelling and Grammar, Spam Blocking and Virus Protection. You can see the entire list and read John's thoughts on all the resources he offers.

You can also sign up for his newsletter.  He offers resources nearly every  week that you can put to immediate use to grow your organization AND they're usually affordable or FREE.

Thanks, John. May victories shower on the Kansas City Royals in the near future. A light drizzle would be a good start.

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Recommended Vendor: SubscriberMail

We've found the email solutions of SubscriberMail easy-to-use, easy-to-learn and their personal attention to our needs was outstanding. That's why we chose them to deliver our email newsletters to our customers and prospects.

We've been impressed with this company since I met the founder Jordan Ayan at the recent WOMBAT show in Orlando.  He impressed me with his dedication to his service, his passion for this resource, his integrity, his commitment to his staff AND his family also. All the time I'm talking with him I'm thinking You know a company's gotta be very similar to its founder, especially if they're this passionate about the products and services.

We started talking further. And we found the demos of their service were simple, effective, crisp and prompt. The service was easy to learn. And their staff was so helpful in coaching us through those first steps in understanding how to create a standard HTML newsletter.

The ease of the service AND the personal attention were the selling points for our staff. Regardless of what I thought, it was important that it fit their definition of an easy to use service and it did.

And more than that, we found SubscriberMail  offers some excellent reporting tools. This helps us understand the interest of you, our customers, in the content of this newsletter blog on a global scale without a lot of unnecessary interruptions for long-winded surveys. (kinda like my writing style, the long-winded part. )

We hope you like this new format. Please let us know your thoughts.  And give SubscriberMail  a shout, or email(!). They'll take care of you.

(Full disclosure: Our 2 companies offered a trade-in-services.  We both found solutions from the other we needed. That having been said, we wouldn't use, much less endorse a service if it wasn't as we describe it today.)

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Vendor Recommendation: The Platform Group Gallery

The Platform Group Gallery is the one place you want to visit for packaging for marketing and promotional programs, events, tradeshows or gatherings of any kind. They've got award winning customer teams, highest-quality products and they guarantee your ship time.

They have hundreds of stock items ready to go. 

I've met the CEO, Allison Gower, at the recent WOMBAT conference in Orlando. And as her Ikarma profile attests she is a force to be reckoned with in marketing, innovation and word-of-mouth.

We're paid nothing to offer this endorsement. We have no business relationship; The Platform Group Gallery is not even our customer...yet. I found The Platform Group Gallery to be a resource that many of our customers would likely benefit from knowing. Hence, the positive Word-of-Mouth.

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