Why podcast?

You only want to create a podcast if you want to:

1) Reach the widest audience possible with a single audio recording.

2) Reward your most avid and loyal members (customers or prospects or clients or fans) with your content in a resource that's most convenient for them.

3) Share your message in your voice with your passion when it's most convenient for you.

There are no other reasons to use podcasts.

And the only reasons to use our podcast service are:

1) Your time can be spent creating your message, not learning esoteric html/xml code writing skills.

2) We can insure the highest quality recording with our conference call bridges AND our internal technicians.

3) We can insure your podcasts are successfully included in the registry of free podcasts at iTunes.

4) We can save you the headaches of hosting your podcasts.

If you want to keep your message under wraps, if you have no passionate customers or employees or fans, if you want to make sure your recordings are heard by the smallest audience possible, then don't use podcasts.

If your time is better spent learning how to create XML feeds, and fussing with audio quality issues during the conversion from WAV to MP3, and if you have time to constantly monitor iTunes' changing criteria for inclusion in their free listings....then don't use our podcast service.

On the other hand...we're happy to help you maximize your time, the reach of your message and the impact of your message with our podcast resource. Just call us: 877-227-0611, ext. 3.

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Podcasts: the most personal message for your audience

Podcasts allow you to deliver your message in your voice in a format and a time that's most convenient for your audience. Whether your audience is made up of prospects or customers, podcasts enable you to deliver a personally crafted message unique to you and your voice. And deliver it regularly, easily and as frequently as you wish.

What's not to like about that?

And if you're hesitating because podcasting involves technology or code-writing...stop. We take care of that for you. You bring the passion; We'll create the podcast. You bring the content; we'll create the podcast.

Call us today for your first free podcast. See how easy it is to use this media without having to learn the technology behind it.  What's a better use of your time? Creating your content or mastering the code? If it's creating YOUR content, for YOUR audience, call us today: 877-227-0611, ext. 3. Ask for your FREE podcast.

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Ready for Your First Podcast?

It's been 18 months since podcast first hit the scene as a quirky resource. At that time it seemed it was for geeks and ex-MTV DJs living in Amsterdam and married couples in northern California who were convinced their dinner perparations were fascinating...so they podcasted every night's dinner preparation.

Since then...a few changes have happened. Podcasting has gone mainstream. You can find podcasts at the NY TImes, Washington Post, ESPN, CNN, USAToday, National Public Radio, FoxNews Sunday. You can find them for small businesses with John Jantsch or topics like gardening, horse training, cooking...And churches are incorporating them into their service and sermon broadcasts.

The common theme is the personal, one-to-one connection with the audience in a format and a time that's most convenient to them, the audience. The audience that subscribes to podcasts are the most passionate, loyal, ardent supporters. The act of offering podcasts serves only to establish an organization as innovative, creative and dedicated to the happiness of their audience, commonly known as customers.

You probably already know all this. You're probably thinking you'd like to create a series of podcasts. You maybe would love to carry your organization's message in your voice. Who speaks with more passion about your organization than you?

But maybe you don't have the time or the inclination to learn the code-writing skills to turn a .wav file into a MP3 format and then syndicate it for subscribers to receive via their RSS readers or ITUNES subscription.  Who does?

But we do. We can turn your passion into podcasts. You create the content; We'll create the podcast. It's that simple. We offer the highest quality audio recording; we offer file editing to add or delete as you wish. And in the event your guest uses a cellphone driving in rush hour traffic with the windows down...we can clean that background noise up. We can't make it shiny clean, but we can reduce the distraction.  And we can handle the transformation of any audio file into a podcast including inclusion into the ITUNES directory with listings seen by millions of ITUNES customers.

So...what are you waiting on?

Visit our Podcast Page.

Call us. 877-227-0611, ext. 3.

Your first podcast is FREE.

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Who's Podcasting?

John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing is, that's who. He has a separate blog just for his podcasts. He's got a schedule of interviews with bright, successful, creative, entrepreneurs with specific resources to help you build your business (and John build his community of readers and prospects).

His 3 most recent podcasts are:

* Mike Hogan, CEO of Zixxo.com, a start-up Internet coupon service.

* Dr. Ivan Misner, PhD, founder of Business Network International (BNI)

* Jay Adelson, CEO of DIGG, a technology news website that combines social bookmarking, blogging, RSS, and non-hierarchical editorial control. With digg, users submit stories for review, but rather than allow an editor to decide which stories go on the homepage, the users do.

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Improving Our Podcast Service

We've offered a podcast service for several months, now. In fact, since August, we've offered this service. Like the technology itself, it's an ever evolving, ever-improving service-offering for you.

The most recent upgrades to our podcast service are:

* Inclusion into ITUNES' directory of podcasts. ITUNES has a directory of podcasts sorted by category.  This expands your potential audience from 10's to 100's to 1000's to 1,000,000's of listeners. It's standard now for us to manually add our customers' podcasts to ITUNES directory. 

* Audio-Mixing. We now have the skills to enhance the quality of your podcast recordings with music-clips, spoken advertisements and sound effects. We can also enhance the quality of a recording. We recently received a recording file that contained an interview with a caller using their cell phone, in traffic, with their windows down....and we were able to edit those sounds out to create a crisp, audible recording with both speakers words clearly enunciated.

When you're ready to use this medium to communicate directly, immediately with the honesty and commitment of your voice...give us a call: 877-227-0611, ext. 12

Here's examples from 2 customers who use our podcast service:

Duct Tape Marketing Podcasts

Word-of-Mouth Marketing Association's Podcast Series. Dave Evans of Digital Voo-Doo has created a series of podcasts with the speakers from the upcoming WOMBAT conference.

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Podcast Examples

Here's a couple of examples of our customers using podcasts to spread the word, connect with their audience, and do it all in a real-time, real-convenient, real-voice manner.

* John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing Podcasts. John interviews some heavy-weight experts in marketing and blogging. Among them are:

Scott Allen, a 20-year veteran technology entrepreneur and the Entrepreneurs Guide for About.com.

John Battelle who publishes John Battelle's Searchblog and is currently founder and chairman of Federated Media Publishing. Previously, Battelle was founder, chairman, and CEO of Standard Media International (SMI), publisher of The Industry Standard and TheStandard.com. Prior to founding The Standard, Battelle was a co-founding editor of Wired magazine and Wired Ventures.

Robert Scoble Robert's an interesting guy, borderline amazing, really. If ever someone was meant to fulfill a destiny then it's Robert. And his destiny is to be a leader from the git-go with blogging. He's a technology evangelist with Microsoft, a very influential blogger, blogs openly and honestly about his employer and posts numerous posts at all hours of the day. And they're great, also.

* Dave Evans of Digital VooDoo in conjunction with WOMMA (Word-of-Mouth Marketing Association).  Dave is in the process of creating podcasts with each speaker** at the WOMBAT (Word-of-Mouth Basic Training) Conference in Orlando Jan 19-20 hosted by WOMMA. Among his guests have been:

Bob Garfield, co-host of NPR's On the Media and columnist with Ad Age.

Fred Reicheld, author of the international best-seller Loyalty Rules and Director Emeritus at Bain and Company.

Paul Rand, discusses a 4-step process for creating effective word of mouth campaigns built around the creation of an honest, sharable story. He fills several senior positions at Ketchum Communications, including Partner, Global Chief Development and Innovation Officer, Global Technology Practice Director, and...he's a nice fellow. We shared a panel with Ben McConnell at Church of the Customer at last year's WOMMA conference.

Both Dave and John have plans in place for future podcasts with other experts in marketing, blogging, advertising, WOM. So, bookmark their sites or subscribe to them with a rss-feeder or check them regularly.

After listening to these you may want to create podcasts, too. Give us a call.  We can show you how to create the same powerful messages for your listeners, customers, prospects, members, fans, even your family. Just give us a call: 877-227-0611, ext. 3.

** I'm speaking on a panel at WOMBAT. Looking at the wealth of knowledge at WOMBAT's panel of speakers and those interviewed to-date...I hope I have something significant to add. Dave's scheduled to interview me as a WOMBAT speaker on Friday, January 6. We'll find out soon.

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What's Possible with a Press Release

We recently submitted a press release announcing our podcast service. Here's the press clipping report from Major Newswire, the service we used to publish this press release. It shows all the media outlets that picked up our press release.

Among the number of high-profile media sites that carried our story were:

Atlanta JournalChicago TribuneCrainsLA TimesDowJones MarketWatch; MSNBC; and Yahoo Finance.

It costs us $499.00 for this type of coverage using Major Newswire. Don't you think you could use such coverage for such a low price. Tell Vaughn Martin of Major Newswire I sent you. There's nothing in it for me; he's a great guy, offering a great service. And he deserves some support. And it helps you, too.

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