FreshBooks: A new value-added partner for you

We’ve found one more value-added partner that may help your organization grow.

It’s FreshBooks ( It’s a simple-to-use, FAST-to-use, way to track your time and invoice your clients.

And as a customer of Conference Calls Unlimited you’ll save 25% off the already low price of FreshBooks. (You can use it for free for 30 days, too!)

FreshBooks is perfect for teams, freelancers, attorneys and accountants, designers and consultants, service providers of all services. It’s perfect for those whose skills are best spent providing a service, not preparing an invoice.

And you know without an invoice…you don’t get paid.

Get paid faster with invoices you can create faster, that look sharper and that enhance your organization’s image. Collect payment faster with online credit cards, e-checks and Pay-Pal.

Oh. Did we mention it generates all the reports a good accountant could ever want? And you can import or export your data with FreshBooks.

Oh. Yes. It costs 25% less if you’re a customer of Conference Calls Unlimited.

Here’s how to enjoy this benefit:

1) Visit FreshBooks right now (

2) Sign up for their free trial. ( The free trial last forever for up to 3 users.)

3) Tell them you’re a customer of Conference Calls Unlimited.

And start getting paid faster, with less headaches and with less expense.

Thanks for being our customer.

And we’ll be offering more of these value-added partnerships that offer services and resources to help your organization to grow. It’s our way of saying “Thanks for being our customer”.

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Recommended Vendor: John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch, founder of Duct Tape Marketing and creator of the Duct Tape Marketing Blog Channel, continues to be a source of tips, ideas, interviews with other marketing experts at Duct Tape Marketing Podcasts, and contacts with experts in every field in small business marketing.

These are tips and ideas, etc., that often, very often, require minimal investments of either time or money. But despite this low-risk, low barrier to entry, they generate results, systematic and repeatable results.

These are tips and ideas, etc., that work for any size organization, for-profit or not.

He has a series of books and seminars that will help speed your understanding and use of his tools. We’ve sponsored customers to attend his teleseminars, that always result in great testimonials afterwards. And if you’re not sure, well you can subscribe to his free newsletter. Just go to his website to register.

And he also works directly with clients on their marketing needs, including blogging and all the social network resources to give the organization a complete marketing plan that drives revenues.

And...he's an inspiring public speaker. 

We recently discussed his post 10 Essential Productivity Tools at the end of May. His content continues to be outstanding. We recommend John Jantsch and Duct Tape Marketing .

Full disclosure: John's a customer of ours. He's interviewed us on his Duct Tape Marketing Radio, back in the day, before it became Duct Tape Marketing Podcasts. We're serial sponsors of our customers to attend his teleseminars. We're serial sponsors as our customers always report a great experience AND great results. And we blog, at John's invitation, at the Duct Tape Marketing Blog Channel on the Life channel. And we do a bit of advertising with him as we like to be associated with winners.

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